Punjab Police 2023 Jobs – 2000+ Vacancies

Punjab Police 2023 Jobs – 2000+ Vacancies

Merenukkri.com built this website to alert site users about openings in the Punjab Police Department (Punjab Police Jobs 2023). We get information from publications in Pakistan.

Young people can study our website for comprehensive information on current chances if they are interested in Punjab Police Vacancies, Punjab Police Matric Base Jobs, Punjab Police Sipahi Jobs, or Punjab Police ASI Jobs.

Young, intelligent, energetic, and physically fit persons are sought by the Punjab Police Department. The Punjab Police is only open to inhabitants of Punjab who satisfy the requirements.

The information on this page is taken from the Punjab Police’s official website and the Daily Pakistani newspapers and includes job descriptions, eligibility requirements, application procedures, and recruitment procedures.

There are now career opportunities in the Punjab Jail Department. Candidates interested in Punjab Jail Police Jobs 2023 should thus read this material in its entirety.

  • Vacancies Required In Punjab Police::
Warders (BPS-07) and Lady Warders (BPS-07) job opportunities have been offered by the Punjab Prison Department. Candidates are invited to apply for these Warder Jobs 2023 from all across Punjab Province.

Required Education:: Matric With 2nd Division

Age Limit For Male Candidates:: 18 To 28 Years

Age Limit For Female Candidates:: 20 to 25 Years

Height For Male Candidates:: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Height For Female Candidates:: 5 Feet

Chest For Male Candidates:: 33 To 35 Inches

Running For Males:: 1.6 kilometers In 1 minute

Running For Females:: 1.6 kilometers In 10 Minutes

  • Punjab Police Jail Department Details::

The Punjab Police Jail Department has a long history and plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order within the prison system of Punjab, Pakistan. Here is an overview of its history and key details:

Establishment: The Punjab Police Jail Department was established to manage and administer the prisons in the province of Punjab. The department’s primary objective is to ensure the safe custody, welfare, and rehabilitation of prisoners.

Organizational Structure: The Punjab Police Jail Department operates under the administrative control of the Home Department of the Government of Punjab. The department is headed by a Director-General (DG) who is responsible for overseeing the overall functioning of the prison system.

Role and Responsibilities: The Punjab Police Jail Department has several key responsibilities, including:

Safe Custody: Ensuring the secure custody of prisoners to prevent escapes and maintain public safety.

Prisoner Welfare: Providing basic amenities, healthcare facilities, and vocational training to inmates for their rehabilitation.

Security and Discipline: Maintaining discipline and order within prisons through effective security measures and regular monitoring.

Rehabilitation and Reformation: Offering educational and vocational programs to help prisoners reintegrate into society after their release.

Legal Proceedings: Assisting law enforcement agencies and the judiciary in the production of prisoners for court appearances and trials.

Prison Facilities: The Punjab Police Jail Department manages various prison facilities throughout the province, including central prisons, district jails, sub-jails, and women’s prisons. These facilities are designed to accommodate different categories of offenders based on their sentences and the nature of their crimes.

Staffing: The department employs a range of personnel to ensure the smooth operation of prisons. This includes Jail Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Wardens, Medical Staff, and other administrative and support staff members.

Reforms and Initiatives: Over the years, the Punjab Police Jail Department has implemented various reforms and initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the prison system. These may include improvements in infrastructure, the introduction of modern technology, and the implementation of new policies and procedures to promote prisoner rehabilitation and reformation.

Please note that the information provided here is based on general knowledge up until September 2021. For the most accurate and up-to-date details regarding the Punjab Police Jail Department’s complete history, it is recommended to refer to official government sources or contact the department directly.

  • Important Dates::

  • Announced Date:: 3rd June, 2023

  • Last Date:: 20, June 2023

  • Complete Information::

Location:: Punjab, Pakistan

Department:: Punjab Police

Address:: Prison Department Punjab, Lahore

Education:: Matric

Vacancies:: 2000+

  • Name Of Positions::

    • Jail Warders ( BPS-07) Males/Females

    • How To Apply::

    • Application Forms that are comprehensive in every way should be submitted to the appropriate area by interested and qualified persons.
    • Application Processing Fees must be paid prior to submitting applications.

    • Advertisement Form::
    Punjab Police 2023 Jobs - 2000+ Vacancies

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