Population Welfare Department Jobs 2023 For Civilians – Application Form

Population Welfare Department Jobs 2023 For Civilians – Application Form

The Government of Balochistan’s Population Welfare Department is now accepting applications for its most recent hiring. These Balochistan Jobs 2023 for the Population Welfare Department came from the Daily Jang Newspaper.

Both male and female citizens of Balochistan have access to employment opportunities according to the Social Welfare Department. People looking for government employment in Balochistan should take advantage of this chance.

Eligibility Criteria::

The mentioned department is looking for Junior Clerk (BPS-11), Family Welfare Assistant (BPS-05), Statistical Assistant (BPS-14), and Projectionist (BPS-08). The district quotas for Quetta, Kalat, Zhob, Naseerabad, Sibi, and Makran are discussed.

People who are interested in applying for these roles should meet the requirements stated in the job posting. All relevant information regarding these positions is provided in the advertisement.

Candidates with a matriculation, intermediate, or bachelor’s degree pass are qualified for these roles. The lowest age limit is 18 years old, while the greatest limitation is 28 years of age.

About Population Welfare Department::

The Population Welfare Department (PWD) is a government department that focuses on population-related issues and family planning programs. Its primary goal is to provide reproductive health services, promote family planning, and control population growth in a country or region.

While I can provide a general overview, please note that specific details and history may vary depending on the country or region you are referring to. I will give a general understanding based on the global context.

The department typically operates under the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Population and aims to ensure the well-being of individuals and families through various initiatives. Here are some key aspects and functions typically associated with population welfare departments:

Family Planning Programs: Population welfare departments are responsible for implementing family planning initiatives and programs to promote birth control methods and reproductive health services. These programs often include the provision of contraceptives, counseling services, and information on reproductive health.

Awareness and Education: The department plays a crucial role in creating awareness about family planning methods, reproductive health, and the importance of population control. They organize campaigns, workshops, and awareness programs to educate individuals and communities about the benefits of family planning.

Health Services: Population welfare departments often provide reproductive health services, including antenatal and postnatal care, safe motherhood initiatives, and access to quality healthcare facilities for women and children.

Research and Data Collection: These departments are involved in conducting research and collecting data related to population growth, fertility rates, contraceptive usage, and other relevant factors. This information helps in formulating effective policies and programs.

Policy Formulation: Population welfare departments work closely with policymakers to develop strategies, plans, and policies related to population control and family planning. They provide valuable insights based on research and data analysis to guide decision-making processes.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Population welfare departments often collaborate with international organizations, NGOs, and other stakeholders to leverage resources and expertise for implementing effective programs. They may seek support from these organizations for funding, capacity-building, and technical assistance.

Regarding the history of population welfare departments, the establishment of such departments varies from country to country. However, population control and family planning programs gained global attention in the mid-20th century, when concerns about overpopulation and its impact on resources and development emerged.

International conferences and initiatives, such as the World Population Conference in 1954 and the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in 1994, played a significant role in shaping the focus and priorities of population welfare departments worldwide. These conferences emphasized the importance of voluntary family planning, reproductive health, and women’s empowerment as essential components of population policies.

Since then, population welfare departments have evolved, adapting to changing societal needs and priorities. They have expanded their scope beyond simply population control to encompass broader reproductive health services, gender equality, and sustainable development goals.

Please note that the specifics of each country’s population welfare department may vary based on local context, cultural norms, and government policies. For detailed information about a specific country’s Population Welfare Department, it would be best to consult government sources or visit the department’s website.

  • Important Dates::

  • Announced Date:: 17th June, 2023

  • Last Date:: 10th, July 2023

  • Complete Information::

Location:: Balochistan, Pakistan

Department:: PWD – Population Welfare Department

Address:: Population Welfare Department Balochistan, Quetta, Director General

Education:: Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor

Vacancies:: Multiple

  • Name Of Positions::

    • Family Welfare Assistant (BPS-05)
    • Junior Clerk (BPS-11)
    • Projectionist (BPS-08)
    • Statistical Assistant (BPS-14)

    • How To Apply::

    • Send your resume to the Director General, Provincial Population Welfare Department Balochistan Office, Quetta, if you’re interested in applying for these roles.
    • The application date is July 10, 2023.
    • Reservations will be made for women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities in compliance with legal requirements.

    • Advertisement Form::
    Population Welfare Department Jobs 2023 For Civilians - Application Form

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