Forest Department 2023 Jobs In Pakistan – Apply Now

Forest Department 2023 Jobs In Pakistan – Apply Now

This page was made to inform Sindh citizens about current employment openings in the Sindh Wildlife and Forest Department (Forest Department Sindh Jobs 2023).

The Daily Dawn Newspaper has carried the most current job posting from the Forest and Wildlife Department of the Government of Sindh. The capable department is looking for intelligent, qualified, and energetic applicants to fill open positions.

Visitors to this website will be kept informed of any and all employment vacancies with the Forest and Wildlife Department, both present and future. It will include available positions, prerequisites, and application procedures.

Eligibility Criteria::

Computer Operators (BPS-12), Data Processing Assistants (BS-12), Statistical Assistants (BS-11), Lady Demonstrators (BS-10), and Sericulture Inspectors (BS-10), among other roles, are now being advertised by the Sindh Forest Department.

Unemployed B.Com., BA and bachelor’s degree holders are urged to apply for this employment. The age requirements for this employment are 21 to 28. The skill criterion must also be completed by candidates.

Candidates who work for the government already are also eligible to apply. Both men and women will occupy the vacant seats. The hiring committee will adhere to quotas for persons of color and those with disabilities.

About Forest Department::

The Forest Department is responsible for the management and conservation of forests and wildlife resources in a given region or country. The department employs a variety of professionals and workers to carry out their responsibilities. Here are some details about forest department jobs, facilities, and work:

Job Roles: The Forest Department offers a range of job roles, including:

Forest Range Officer/Forest Officer: Responsible for the overall management and administration of a forest range, including conservation, protection, and development activities.

Forest Guard/Forest Ranger: Patrols forest areas, prevents illegal activities such as poaching and logging, and assists in fire-fighting and afforestation efforts.

Wildlife Warden/Wildlife Officer: Focuses on the protection and management of wildlife and their habitats, enforcing wildlife laws, and promoting conservation initiatives.

Forest Researcher/Scientist: Conducts research on various aspects of forestry and wildlife, such as biodiversity studies, ecological surveys, and forest management techniques.

Forest Surveyor: Conducts surveys and mapping of forest areas, assesses forest cover, and collects data for planning and management purposes.

Facilities: The facilities provided by the Forest Department can vary depending on the region and country. However, common facilities include:

Office Spaces: Forest departments usually have office spaces where administrative work, planning, and coordination take place.

Research Laboratories: Research facilities are available for forest scientists and researchers to conduct studies, analyze samples, and carry out experiments.

Training Centers: Forest departments often have training centers to provide necessary training to personnel on various aspects of forestry, wildlife management, and conservation.

Accommodation: In remote forest areas, the department may provide accommodation facilities for field staff and forest guards.

Vehicles and Equipment: Forest departments maintain a fleet of vehicles and equipment such as trucks, jeeps, boats, and firefighting tools to carry out their operations effectively.

  • Work Responsibilities: 
The work carried out by the Forest Department is diverse and can include the following:

Forest Conservation: Protecting and conserving forest resources, including flora, fauna, and ecosystems, through various measures such as anti-poaching operations, habitat restoration, and afforestation.

Wildlife Protection: Enforcing wildlife laws, preventing illegal hunting and trade of endangered species, managing wildlife habitats, and promoting conservation initiatives.

Forest Management: Developing and implementing sustainable forest management plans, including timber harvesting, forest regeneration, and monitoring of forest health and productivity.

Ecotourism and Recreation: Promoting responsible tourism in forest areas, developing nature trails, and visitor centers, and organizing educational programs to raise awareness about biodiversity and conservation.

Research and Development: Conducting research on forest ecosystems, wildlife behavior, and climate change impacts, and developing innovative techniques for sustainable forestry and wildlife management.

Community Engagement: Collaborating with local communities, indigenous groups, and stakeholders to involve them in conservation efforts, provide livelihood support, and promote sustainable forest use.

It’s important to note that specific roles, facilities, and work responsibilities may vary depending on the country or region. Forest departments play a crucial role in maintaining and protecting the world’s forest resources and biodiversity.

  • Important Dates::

  • Announced Date:: 05 July 2023

  • Last Date:: 20, July 2023

  • Complete Information::

Location:: Sindh, Pakistan

Department:: Forest Department 

Address:: Karachi – Forest & Wildlife Department Sindh

Education:: Bachelor, Master

Vacancies:: Multiple

  • Name Of Positions::

    • Computer Operators (BPS-12)
    • Data Processing Assistants (BS-12)
    • Lady Demonstrators (BS-10)
    • Sericulture Inspectors (BS-10)
    • Statistical Assistants (BS-11)

    • How To Apply::

    • Applications must be submitted by the deadline (20 July 2023) and include certified copies of all required documents, including proof of address, PRCs, CNICs, and degrees.
    • Please send your applications to Sindh Secretariat, Barrack No. 10, Court Road, Karachi, Secretary Forest & Wildlife Department.

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    Forest Department 2023 Jobs In Pakistan - Apply Now

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