Airport Security Force ASF 2023 Jobs – Online Application Form

Airport Security Force ASF 2023 Jobs – Online Application Form

You may get comprehensive information on the available ASF Foundation jobs here (Airports Security Force ASF Foundation Jobs 2023). You may read the current job posting in the Daily Nawaiwaqt Newspaper.

The primary beneficiaries of the Shuhada, deceased families, low-paid/handicapped (serving and retired) employees, their wives, and wards in need of social, educational, and health requirements are helped by the ASF Foundation.

Today, ASF Foundation advertises job openings in Daily Pakistani Newspapers in an effort to find sincere, goal-oriented, proactive, ambitious, and experienced individuals.

Airport Security Force ASF Hires::

In its housing project, the ASF Foundation is hiring for the positions of director of projects, project manager, manager of IT, supervisor of IT, manager of operations, project coordinator, general manager of operations, deputy development operations manager, senior assistant account manager, assistant finance lead, and cash recovery agent.

Contractual hiring will be used to fill available positions. Based on their educational background and the position’s requirements, those with intermediate, bachelor’s degree, BS, BBA, MBA, and master’s degree education are invited to apply.

About Airport Security Force::

The Airport Security Force (ASF) is a specialized law enforcement agency responsible for ensuring the security and safety of airports in many countries. It is primarily tasked with protecting passengers, airport infrastructure, and aircraft from threats such as terrorism, smuggling, and other criminal activities.

The ASF operates under the jurisdiction of the respective civil aviation authorities or the Ministry of Interior in different countries.

Here is a general overview of the Airport Security Force’s functions, structure, and responsibilities:

  • Functions:

Security Screening: ASF personnel perform security checks on passengers, baggage, and cargo at various checkpoints within the airport premises. This includes X-ray scanning, metal detection, and other screening procedures to identify prohibited items or potential threats.

Perimeter Security: ASF is responsible for safeguarding the airport’s perimeter and ensuring unauthorized individuals do not gain access to restricted areas. They employ surveillance systems, patrols, and other measures to maintain a secure environment.

Access Control: ASF monitors access points to restricted areas such as runways, aircraft parking areas, and sensitive facilities. They verify the credentials of personnel, inspect vehicles, and maintain control over entry and exit points.

Incident Response: In the event of security breaches, emergencies, or suspicious activities, the ASF promptly responds to assess the situation, mitigate risks, and coordinate with relevant authorities to ensure the safety of passengers, staff, and airport assets.

Intelligence Gathering: ASF collects intelligence related to security threats, criminal activities, and emerging risks to aviation. This information helps in proactively addressing potential vulnerabilities and improving security protocols.

Training and Awareness: ASF conducts training programs and awareness campaigns for airport staff, including airline personnel and ground handlers, to enhance their understanding of security procedures, threat recognition, and response protocols.

  • Structure:

Leadership: The ASF is headed by a Director General or Chief Executive Officer who oversees the agency’s operations and strategic planning. They report to the governing authority responsible for aviation security.

Personnel: ASF consists of trained and dedicated security personnel, including officers, inspectors, and supporting staff. These individuals undergo rigorous screening, background checks, and specialized training to ensure their competency in handling security-related tasks.

Departments and Units: ASF may have various departments and units responsible for specific functions such as passenger screening, cargo security, canine teams, intelligence gathering, and technology support. These units work collaboratively to maintain a comprehensive security framework.

Collaboration: The ASF collaborates with other law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, airport management, and aviation stakeholders to share information, coordinate operations, and implement adequate security measures.


Counterterrorism: ASF plays a vital role in countering terrorism by identifying and preventing potential threats to aviation security. This involves intelligence analysis, surveillance, and implementing measures to mitigate risks.

Passenger Safety: ASF ensures the safety and well-being of passengers by conducting thorough screenings to prevent prohibited items from being carried onto aircraft.

Aviation Infrastructure Protection: The ASF protects critical airport infrastructure, including runways, terminals, aircraft, and fueling facilities, from vandalism, sabotage, or other acts of criminality.

Crime Prevention: ASF actively combats criminal activities such as smuggling, human trafficking, and drug trafficking within airport premises, cooperating with relevant authorities to maintain law and order.

Emergency Response: ASF is trained to respond effectively to emergencies, including medical incidents, natural disasters, and security breaches. They coordinate with airport fire departments and emergency services to ensure a swift and coordinated response.

It’s important to note that while the general functions and responsibilities of the Airport Security Force may be similar across countries, there might be variations in specific duties and organizational structure depending on the jurisdiction and local regulations.

  • Important Dates::

  • Announced Date:: 30 June 2023

  • Last Date:: 08, July 2023

  • Complete Information::

Location:: Pakistan

Department:: ASF – Airport Security Force

Address:: Karachi – Old Area, ASF Foundation Headquarters, B-280

Education:: Bachelor, Master, MBA, BBA, BS

Vacancies:: Multiple

  • Name Of Positions::

    • Assistant Finance – Lead
    • Cash Recovery Agent
    • Director Project
    • Dy Development Ops Manager
    • General Manager Operations
    • Manager IT
    • Project Coordinator
    • Project Manager
    • Senior Assistant Account Manager
    • Supervisor IT

    • How To Apply::

    • CVs must be sent within 12 days, together with certified copies of all relevant documents, including proof of residency, a CNIC, educational qualifications, and experience certificates.
    • Send your applications through registered mail to the ASF Foundation Head Office at B-280, Old Area, Karachi.

    • Advertisement Form::
    Airport Security Force ASF 2023 Jobs - Online Application Form

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