The alleged fake Najiba video of Dicky Bhai’s wife was also leaked

10 lakh rupees announced to find the person who made Dicky Bhai’s video viral

Aroob Jatoi, the wife of Pakistan’s famous YouTuber and social media personality Saad Rehman, popularly known as “Dicky Bhai”, has also become a victim of a deepfake video. Dicky Bhai has announced a huge reward for the identity of the perpetrator.

Dicky Bhai is one of the most popular Pakistani YouTubers with a huge YouTube subscription of 6.96 million. Fans love Dicky Bhai’s daily family vlogs.

Dicky’s wife Arub Jatoi is also active on social media and has become a celebrity. Arub Jatoi is also liked by a large number of Dickey users.

Most fans claim that they only watch Dickie’s blog because of Aroob and Dickie’s loving banter.
But recently, the couple has been caught up in the Deep Video leak scandal. Someone has made a deepfake video of Arub Jatoi and posted it on the internet which has gone viral on social media platforms.
The real girl’s statement on Rashmika Mandana’s deepfake video came out
After this revelation, Dicky Bhai took immediate action. Not only that, Dicky also revealed how the deepfake video was made.

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